Premier Current Account

More than just a regular account

A Premier Current Account has no monthly fee and gives you access to a range of exclusive products and services.

Features and benefits

Fee-free account

There is no monthly account fee with the Premier Current Account.

Fee-free overdrafts

The first £1,000 of your overdraft will be fee-free1.

Higher cash withdrawals

You can use your black Premier debit card to withdraw up to £1,000 a day from cash machines.

Exclusive products

As a Premier customer, you’ll have access to exclusive products such as Premier mortgages and Premier investments.

Premier relationship team

You'll benefit from a dedicated Premier relationship manager in branch and our telephone banking team who are available Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am to 5pm.

Please see our 'withdrawals and overdrafts' section below.

Eligibility criteria

To enjoy the benefits of Premier Banking you must have

  • an annual gross income of £100,000 paid into a Barclays current account held in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man


  • £100,000 saved with Barclays in Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man


  • £100,000 invested with Barclays through our Jersey branch2

Talk to us about Premier Banking

For more information and to open a Premier Current Account, call our Premier Banking team.

Withdrawals and overdrafts


You can use your black Premier debit card to withdraw up to £1,000 a day from cash machines or the daily limit set by your card preferences – as long as you have the funds in your account.

Your cash machine Limit can be increased or decreased in “Your cards” within the Barclays app.

Arranged overdrafts

The first £1,000 of your overdraft will be fee-free. You'll pay a daily overdraft fee when you go overdrawn (unless you are within a fee-free amount).

Daily overdraft fees are charged on your overdraft balance. If you go over the fee free amount, you’ll be charged in accordance with the table below:

Up to £1,000 - no fee
Over £1,000 and up to £2,000 - £1.50 a day
Over £2,000 - £3.00 a day

Overdrafts, including fee-free amounts, are subject to status and application.

Overdrafts over £15,000 have a set-up fee of 1.5% of the arranged overdraft limit, and a renewal fee of 1.5% of the limit will also be applied annually. For arranged overdrafts over £25,000, security may be required.

Representative example:

Fee-free overdraft up to £1,000 (subject to application and status) while you stay within that limit. If you use an overdraft of £1,200, you'll be charged £1.50 a day.

Please note that unarranged overdrafts are subject to additional daily fees.


Premier mortgages

More help when you need it

Premier customers looking for a mortgage benefit from preferential income criteria of up to 6x their annual income.


Premier investments

Make smart investment decisions

We offer you a range of investment products and services tailored to your needs.