Savings accounts

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A range of savings options to help you make your money grow.

Our savings and deposit accounts

These accounts are available to our customers living in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

International Reserve Account

  • Choice of currency - choose sterling, US dollars and euros
  • Open an account with just £1, US$1 or €1. The maximum deposit limit is £25m, US$40m or €10m
  • Easy access - deposit or withdraw funds whenever you choose
  • Flexibility - add to your account at any time, subject to maximum balance restrictions.

Treasury Deposits

  • Available in a range of terms to suit your needs - up to a maximum of 5 years
  • Choice of currency - sterling, US dollars and many other currencies
  • Fixed rate of interest - the interest rate we’ll pay, and if it's paid annually or at the end of the term, is agreed when you place your deposit – it won’t change throughout the term
  • Minimum deposit - £50,000 or US$50,000 (or GBP equivalent for other currencies).

Notice Deposit Account

  • Choice of currency - choose to open your account in sterling or US dollars
  • The minimum balance to open and to maintain a Notice Deposit Account is £100,000 or $100,000. The maximum balance is £25m or US$40m
  • Interest will be paid monthly. Interest can only be paid into an alternative account
  • Withdrawals are subject to the notice period of 35 or 100 days1. During the notice period, a lower rate of interest will apply to the amount being withdrawn.

Children's Savings Account

  • You will manage the account as trustee for the child
  • Open an account with just £1 - you can save from as little as £1 up to a maximum of £1m
  • Only available in pound sterling
  • Deposit as little and as often as you want Withdrawals are allowed but the funds must be used for the benefit of the designated child
  • After the child reaches 18, we’ll contact you to change the account to an adult instant access savings account.

Terms and conditions apply. For more information see our rates page.


Talk to us about savings

To  find out more about our savings and to open an account, call your local branch.

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