Personal loans and overdrafts

Flexibility to make things happen

Whether you’re planning a dream holiday or paying for unexpected bills, our loans and overdrafts give you the support you need for life's highs and lows.

Borrowing to suit you


  • It's a simple way to borrow
  • Whether it’s a new car, home improvements or a dream holiday, you can use your Barclayloan for almost anything
  • We offer you a fixed rate of interest that's personal to you - our personalised loans are subject to status and early settlement fees apply
  • You may be eligible for an instant loan - if you have a current account with us, we may have assigned you a provisional loan limit
  • We'll make sure you understand how your loan works before you sign on the dotted line.

Barclays Overdraft

  • Overdrafts1 are a short-term way to borrow money up to an arranged limit
  • Whether it’s to pay an unexpected bill or just to get you through until payday, Barclays overdrafts offer you a short-term safety net
  • You can apply for an overdraft on your current account
  • Daily overdrafts fees apply. If your overdraft has a fee-free amount and you go over that amount you’ll be charged a daily fee2
  • We make it easy for you to work out how much the overdraft could cost and provide a number of ways to help you manage your money.

For more information on the rates and fees for our personal loans and overdrafts please see our rates and fees page.


Talk to us

To discuss the lending options we offer and to apply for a loan or an overdraft, give us a call.

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