Google Pay terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for using your Barclays cards with Google Pay

Meaning of Words

In these terms and conditions:

“Card” means the Barclays card you’ve registered to use with Google Pay

"Card Account" means the Barclays account linked to your Card

“Device” means your Android phone or other device with access to Google Pay. This could be your tablet or watch.

“Google” means Google Ireland Limited

‘us’, ‘we, ‘our’ or ‘Barclays’ means the Barclays company that has issued your Card. This could be Barclays Bank UK PLC or Barclays Bank PLC.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a way for you to pay for things using your Device. To get started you’ll need to add your card details to your Google Wallet. You’ll find this on your Device.  When you’ve added your card details you can begin to pay for things using the Card on your Device.

You’ll be able to see your recent transactions in the Google Wallet.  

What Cards can I use on Google Pay?

You can add your Barclays debit card to your Google Wallet. You can’t add your Barclays credit card there currently.  

When you add a Card to Google Pay, we’ll give it a different card number from your physical card. So, the long number across the front of your physical card will not be the same as the card’s number on Google Pay. But it will still be linked to the same bank account.  

That’s worth remembering when you’re asking for a refund for something you’ve bought using Google Pay either online, in person or when you’re using public transport. For example, if travelling via public transport in London run by Transport for London (TfL) then remember that TfL won’t know that your physical Card and Google Pay are linked to the same bank account so you should use the same way to pay for your whole journey.

What if my Card changes or I want to stop using Google Pay?

If we replace your Card, we’ll link your new card to Google Pay automatically.

If you don’t want to use Google Pay any more, just remove your Card from the Google Wallet.

Will there be a charge to use Google Pay?

We won’t charge you any extra for using your Card with Google Pay.

Are there any Limits or Restrictions?

To use Google Pay you must:

  • use an eligible card
  • add your card to Google Wallet  on an eligible device

To check if you have an eligible card and an eligible device, search ‘Barclays Google Pay’. You’ll also find information there about any payment limits that apply when you use Google Pay.

What other Terms of Service and Conditions do I need to know about?

Your Card and the Card Account also have terms and conditions. These will still apply when you use Google Pay to pay for things. Google may also ask you to agree to their Google Pay terms of service.

Remember that Google Pay is provided by Google and not by us. So we’re not responsible for any service, information, software or hardware that Google or any other third party provides you with. We’re also not responsible for any failures or faults, or any security, availability or performance issues that affect or relate to Google Pay or to your Device.  

Protection and Security

  • If your Device is lost, stolen or is used without your consent: or
  •  if your Device or security details have been lost or stolen; or
  •  if you think that someone has found out what your security details are

then contact us as soon as possible.

If you get a new Device, please delete all your cards and other personal information from your old Device. To do this please follow your Device provider's instructions.

Don’t tell anyone your passcode or any other security details for your Device or Google Pay. We’ll never ask you for them, so don’t share them with anyone. If you do,  please contact us as soon as possible. The numbers to use are in the How to Contact Us section.

Information about you 

Please read your Google Pay terms of service (including the privacy policy) so that you understand how Google collects and uses your information. We get information about you from Google to verify your identity, check your eligibility, and to prevent fraud.

We have to share information about your transactions with Google, so that it can develop and improve its technology. This information is statistics about how customers have been using Google Pay in general. It doesn't identify you.

Sometimes we may contact you about Google Pay by email, text, other messages, telephone or post. Sometimes, these may be marketing messages. 

For more details on how and why we use your information, including your rights in relation to your personal data, and our legal grounds for using it, please read our guide on controlling your data and privacy by clicking on the link relevant to you below. Or you can request a copy from us. If you are a customer of:

How to contact us 

If you think someone may have access to your account, Card or Device please call us immediately. You can find the number by clicking on the link relevant to you below.  Or you can call your usual Barclays contact. If you are a customer of:

For other queries please see the contact details in the Card Account terms and conditions.

Legal Information

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of:

  • England and Wales if you are resident in the UK;
  • Jersey, Guernsey, or the Isle of Man, as applicable, if you are a resident of one of those islands

You can request these Terms and Conditions in Braille, large print or audio. For information about all our accessibility services, please contact your local Barclays representative or visit:

Call costs may vary – please check with your telecoms provider. Calls may be recorded so that we can monitor the quality of our service and for security purposes.

You can get these Terms and Conditions in Braille, large print or audio by calling: +44(0)1624 4441 (or via TextDirect if appropriate). For more information, please contact your local Barclays representative or visit barclayscorporate.com/alternativeformats.