Google Pay

A better way to pay

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Google Pay is a quick, secure and convenient way to pay with your Android Phone, Smart Watch or Tablet. Add your Barclays debit card to Google Pay to begin making payments. 

Fast and secure

Keep track of spending while on the move

Works without an internet connection

Make payments above the contactless limit

Use it online or in-store

If you have an Android device you can add our debit cards to your wallet. However, there are a few things to bear in mind before you start.

  • Adding a card linked to a non-UK telephone number: you’ll first have to contact our call centre (on one of the numbers provided below) to verify that it is you and add the card on your device

  • If you’re having trouble adding a card to your wallet: for help adding cards to your wallet, please contact us on 0800 901 2022 (from the UK), or +44 (0) 1624 684 444 (from abroad)

You can also find answers to the other most frequently asked questions below if anything is unclear.

Our terms and conditions give more information on what to expect.

Google Pay FAQs

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