Documentary collections

Making payment collection easier

We handle your international trading documents, to give you more confidence in your transactions.

Why use documentary collections?

Documentary collections offer exporters a fast and efficient way to collect trade payments. It offers importers an equally effective means of settling trade debts. They're universally accepted and can be used to make payments of any size, in any approved freely-traded currency.

What we offer

Smoother export and import transactions

Payment agreements are made in advance, based on the shipping documents for a trade, so the entire transaction runs more easily.

Managing payment arrangements

Documentary collections are a way of agreeing payment schedules between exporters and importers. The buyer either pays or firmly agrees to pay once the paperwork is received allowing them to collect goods from the shipping company.

Guaranteed document control

A collection schedule acts as a checklist for the documents, allowing access to traded goods and specifying the conditions for their release. That means everyone knows where they stand at every stage of the transaction.

Terms agreed in advance

Buyers and sellers agree either sight or term payments in advance. Sight payments are made when the shipping documents are received. Term payments are a firm, written agreement to pay within a set amount of time. These options allow both parties to plan ahead.

Increased confidence

Because all documentation passes through both the buyer’s and seller’s banks, both parties can have confidence that the deal will proceed as planned.


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