What we offer

Tailored services to meet your needs

Our experienced team of product specialists provide banking and cash management, investment, credit facilities and trade solutions.



An intelligent approach to international business services

We offer a long heritage of financial innovation and have proven track-record in helping businesses thrive.


Trade finance

International business expertise and global banking services

We'll manage your documentation and business risks so you can trade in confidence, all over the globe.


Credit services

Finance options to give the capital you need, when you need it

We provide lending and finance services designed to match your goals, whether buying property or setting up an overdraft for extra financial flexibility.


Investment solutions

Tailored services to help you build your investment portfolio

We can help you manage your own investments, offer one-off investment advice or make investment decisions on your behalf.

Digital services

We offer a range of online banking and payment solutions to help you easily manage your day-to-day business finances.


How we can help

We offer specialist banking and investments to help your clients achieve their long-term goals.


Personal banking

Everyday banking, made better

Dedicated banking services for local residents in Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.


Premier Banking

Banking services focussed on you

Premier Banking offers you excellent value, great rewards and personal service.