Business overdrafts

Fast access to working capital

An overdraft can be the simplest solution to access working capital to meet short-term financing needs.

What we offer

Overdrafts1 can be an ideal source of temporary funds to cover unpredictable business expenses, urgent working capital demands or fluctuations in borrowing requirements.

Capital whenever it's needed

Overdrafts are easy to arrange and if approved,1 you can have access to your funds in a few days.

Flexible borrowing

Increase or decrease your overdraft limit as your circumstances change.

Cost minimisation

Only pay interest on overdrawn balances, which you can repay any time.

Choice of currencies

Currency overdrafts in sterling, US dollar or euro to help avoid negative effects from unfavourable exchange rates.

Key benefits

  • Ideal for unpredictable short-term borrowing
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Minimise currency risk.

For information on loans and overdrafts rates, please see our rates and tariffs page.


Talk to us

Call your local team to discuss and apply for a business overdraft.

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