Captives Panel Discussions Podcasts

22 May 2019

Listen to our two panel interviews as podcast. You can download them so you can listen to them later. 

Captive panel: juggling risks appetites, stakeholders and capital

Successfully managing a captive is no small feat - whether it is navigating the captive from cash to investments or balancing the risk appetites of the market, parent company and captive. We sat down with Farhad Jamooji , Managing Director for Barclays Group Insurance, Rob Fletcher, Aon Executive Director, and Simon Smith, Head of Offshore Investments for Barclays, to discuss how this works for the Barclays’ captive and Barclays’ captive clients.

How should captives react to today’s financial markets?

There’s great debate around whether we’re heading for recession or whether the economic cycle can continue, after one of the longest periods of economic expansion seen in recent history. Henk Potts, Director of Global Investment Strategy, Barclays, discusses why he takes a positive out on the global economy, despite a slowing in momentum in recent quarters. Our latest panel looks at what this means for captive insurance companies.

Both of our panel interviews are available as videos.