Product terms

Notice Deposit Account - 35 Day [PDF, 188KB]
Notice Deposit Account - 100 Day [PDF, 188KB]

International Reserve Account [PDF, 149KB]

Barclays Plus Account [PDF, 378KB]
Young Person’s Account [PDF, 384KB]
Children’s Savings Account [PDF, 145KB]

International Business Reserve [PDF, 156KB]
International Business Tariff Account [PDF, 378KB]
International Corporate Tariff Account [PDF, 378KB]
International Currency Call Deposit Account [PDF, 158KB]
International Trust Reserve [PDF, 151KB]

Notice Deposit Account - 32/95 day base linked - non-personal [PDF, 476KB]

Treasury Deposit [PDF, 174KB]

Product Terms for accounts held with Barclays Bank Ireland PLC

Treasury Deposit [PDF, 154KB]
International Business Reserve - Ireland [PDF, 148KB]
International Trust Reserve - Ireland [PDF, 155KB]

32 and 95 Day Notice Deposit Account [PDF, 156KB]
Notice Deposit Account - 35 Day - Ireland [PDF, 160KB]
Notice Deposit Account - 100 Day – Ireland [PDF, 155KB]

Transactional Banking Terms (Non-Personal) [PDF, 153KB]
Private Deposit Account [PDF, 148KB]

Overseas Services Interest Rates sheet for savings accounts [PDF, 210KB]
Payment cut-off times [PDF, 153KB]

Terms for products no longer available to open

Business Reserve Account - Euro [PDF, 147KB]
Clients Premium Account [PDF, 149KB]
Currency Call Deposit Account [PDF, 146KB]
International Business Tracker Account [PDF, 161KB]
International Clients' Monies Scheme [PDF, 150KB]
International Deposit Account [PDF, 152KB]

Notice Deposit Account – 35 Day – Euro [PDF, 175KB]
Notice Deposit Account – 100 Day - Euro [PDF, 512KB]

Treasury Deposit - For accounts opened prior to 17th December 2018 [PDF, 171KB]