Pay in a cheque using the Barclays app

Without having to visit your local branch

We know getting to a branch in opening hours can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we’ve created an easier way to pay in your cheques using your smartphone and the Barclays app – saving you a trip to the bank.

How does it work?

Open the ‘Pay in a cheque’ feature within the Barclays app1. Enter the payee details and amount, then take a photo of your cheque.

The money will typically arrive in your account by 23:59 the next working day2 (if your cheque was paid in before 15:59 on a working day) so you don’t need to wait days to access your money.

Which accounts?

You can use your app to pay cheques into any Barclays sterling current or savings accounts. However, ISA and Bond accounts, or accounts from other banks aren’t included.

How much?

Cheques worth up to £1000 each can be cashed in using your app. You can pay in four cheques every seven days if you’re a Personal or Premier customer.

Is it safe?

This service is equally as safe as paying in cheques at your local branch.

A beginners guide to paying in cheques with your app


Step 1

Sign in to your Barclays app and click ‘Pay & Transfer’, then select ‘Pay in a cheque’.


Step 2

Select the account you would like to pay your cheque into. Type in the value of the cheque and a reference if you need one, then click ‘Take photo’.


Step 3

Position the phone’s camera over the front of the cheque. A frame on the screen frame will turn green when the cheque is in the right position. It will then take a picture automatically. Repeat this on the other side of the cheque too.


Step 4

Check the image to make sure it’s in focus and includes the whole cheque. Once happy, tap ‘Use image’.


Step 5

Review the details and if all correct tap ‘Pay in cheque’ and it’s all done.

Watch a video to learn on how to use the Barclays app to pay in a cheque.



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