Business Barclays app


Manage your business account on the go

Flexible banking, designed to work around you

If you’d rather spend your time making money than managing it, check out the Barclays app1.

You can do your banking simply and securely – anytime, anywhere. Pay bills, send or transfer money, change regular payments - even pay in cheques, all from the palm of your hand.

What can I do on the app?

Make payments on the go

Transfer money and pay new or existing payees, quickly and safely.

Check your balance

View your balance and any recent transactions, anywhere, anytime.

Pay cheques in wherever, whenever

Simply by taking a photo of the cheque on your smartphone2.

Manage Direct Debits

Add, remove or amend Direct Debits and standing orders, anytime.

View outgoings at a glance

See which regular payments go out and when throughout the month.

Personal and Business Banking in one place

Have a complete view of all your finances.

To be eligible for the app you need a debit card linked to your Business Banking account and have a simple mandate (i.e. an account which requires only one signature to make payments).

Get the app

Simply tap the logo you need to go straight to the app in your app store.

Register your app

Once you've downloaded the app, you’ll need to create a five-digit security passcode. You'll use this passcode every time you log into the app. Once that’s done, you can register the app with either an activation code or with your PINsentry device.

Get your activation code by calling +44 (0) 1624 684 684* or visit your local Barclays branch.

Follow our step by step guide to complete your registration.

Already got the Barclays app?

If you’re already registered for the Barclays app through your personal current account, you’ll need to call us or visit us in branch to connect your business account to your app.