How to access iPortal from a different device or location

Should you need to access iPortal from a computer or laptop at a different location, we have provided some important points to consider so that you can access them as easily as possible.

  1. Refer to our Software & Hardware Guide to review any installation requirements.
  2. Visit our security page for advice on staying safe whilst online.
  3. Ensure the decision to access your digital services from another location adheres to any security policy your organisation may have in place.
  4. We recommend that you keep your card reader device and card with you safely and request that the number we hold for you on file is on divert to an alternative number should we need to contact you.
  5. Please cascade the information in this email to other iPortal users within your organisation, as appropriate.

If you or your users need an additional device to login

  • If you need an additional card reader device - Please ask your administrator to follow the steps below:

    Select admin > Device Readers > Order Devices > Select card reader > Number of devices (for quantity) > Security contact (devices will be sent to address associated to security contact) > Submit

  • If you need an additional Biometric reader - Please contact your Relationship Manager or 
  • Please email us so we can arrange for a device to be sent to you.

Please note: Should you need to change a security contact address, please contact us using the email address below.

Here to help

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