Family offices

All the expertise you and your clients need, in one place

Whether you’re looking to finance large assets or for professional support in philanthropy goals or trusteeship, we offer efficient and flexible solutions.

Your business needs

Our teams have an in-depth understanding of the issues around wealth management. We know family offices need efficient banking and investment platforms including seamless, integrated corporate and personal banking.

How we'll support you

A senior relationship manager will be your lead contact, providing access to our wide selection of banking, brokerage and investment solutions. We'll also bring extensive expertise from cash and liquidity, investments and lending specialists within Barclays.

  • Banking for corporate vehicles run by the family office
  • Everyday banking (personal accounts) for family members
  • Banking for corporate vehicles run by professional fiduciary businesses on behalf of the family
  • Liquidity solutions, including call, notice and treasury deposits
  • Online banking, including personal and non-personal accounts
  • Investment management and execution-only services
  • Real estate lending, unsecured lending and Lombard lending
  • Card solutions
  • Trade services.

How we can help

Find out more about how our family office services can support you.