Mortgages and Coronavirus

Find out what you need to know about applying for support with your mortgage for the first time or if you have a payment holiday due to expire soon.

Applying for support for the first time

If you have been financially impacted due to coronavirus we have a number of options to support you including mortgage payment holidays and flexibility on the amount that you can pay towards your mortgage.

Coming to the end of your payment holiday

We appreciate you might still be feeling the financial impact of coronavirus and that you might be worried as your payment holiday comes to an end. We want to reassure you we’re putting some more support in place, including flexibility on the amount you pay and the potential to extend your payment holiday. You’ll then be able to decide which of the available options is best for you.

If you can afford to make any payment towards your mortgage, it’s generally in your best interest to do so.

You may have seen recent announcements regarding mortgage payment holidays for those impacted by coronavirus. We’d be really grateful if you could read the following questions and answers carefully as they provide important information on what you should do and how we can help.

For independent advice, not provided by us:

  • Money Advice Service has a dedicated page for coronavirus support
  • FCA has also shared some information on how to deal with financial difficulties during the coronavirus situation
  • Money Supermarket has a dedicated page to show how a mortgage payment holiday could affect your future repayments.

If you’d like independent advice on your financial situation, you can get this free from the debt-counselling organisations below:

For the Isle of Man: Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading
For Jersey: Jersey Financial Services Commission
For Guernsey: Citizens Advice Guernsey